The secure, fast and effective business messaging solution

Why SMS for business messaging?
Our mobile phone is now a primary source of communication but this is being inundated by social media, emails, voice-mails and other distractions.
The Business smsQ solution from Qmani provides organizations with secure and effective Business SMS messaging. Business smsQ provides high throughput and key functions. The visibility of Business smsQ to your staff, members, clients or associates is high and is often attended to by recipients ahead of emails and other types of messages. SMS reply is quick and easy for recipients.
To be effective, smsQ needs to be supported by a full-function solution. Our smsQ solution was designed to meet the requirements of organisations, and has been operationally proven in Government, Councils, Universities, Medical Research organisations, and many other companies.

smsQ is delivered in two flavours - smsQ Business and smsQ Enterprise
Both products have the full functionality of smsQ.
However, smsQ Enterprise adds enhanced capabilities with the addition of a company-identified number that can receive reply messages. This opens up the ability to conduct call-to-action campaigns, promotions, customer database building, customer retention programs among many actions and events.


  • Send & receive SMS
  • Send to 100% Australian mobiles
  • Automatic short-links to landing sites and document downloads
  • Send SMS of more than 1,000 characters
  • Web-based access to use smsQ on any internet connected device
  • Fast and high volume of send & receive
  • Cost-effective solution that enables high cost saving
  • Prepare messages ahead with flexible scheduling Search with keywords for comprehensive reporting
  • Get responsive feedback from contacts with Mobile Surveys
  • Readily confirm bookings with Appointment Reminders
  • Automate workflows with AutoReply SMS and other workflows to chain various actions
  • Proactively manage opt-out requests with STOP/OPTOUT replies
  • Receive all replies in your SMS inbox or nominated email address(es) with Reply Routing
  • Build and maintain your customer database with Keyword Processing
  • Motivate customers with call-to-action customised Landing Pages
  • Provide seamless integration with your front and back-end systems with our comprehensive API connections
  • 24/7 support, email, SMS or call-in for support smsQ On-demand training
  • Same day service for provisioning and responding to your requests
  • Flexible billing with detailed information to enable allocation, reporting and analysis for your cost- centres
  • Quick Surveys - use smsQ to get prompt feedback from your customers
  • Lead Generation - use smsQ to accurately build a database of prospects
  • Loyalty Programs - send well-worded, personalised and time-sensitive marketing messages rather than an interrupting phone call or another email
  • Customer Retention - keep your valued customers updated of new products, services and sale events. What they don’t want is more email. But they are happy to receive PERSONALISED and relevant sms messages


Qmani developed and owns the smsQ applications, enabling us to provide any customisation requirement - customisation, to meet your Enterprise needs. You may specify your site-specific features and functions, if it's not already built-in. Enterprise smsQ extends our developers to assist in delivering these features.

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