infoBoard - infoWAMS

This is the leading production scheduling and planning software solution.
With our partners, infoBoard is a German-developed and proven system with global deployments. This comprehensive solution encompasses a suite of features to support production scheduling and planning effectively. Immediately achieve optimized work orders and work-centres. Achieve a high rate of on-time production and delivery with more accurate production forecasts to reap increased cost-saving.

Our in-house software development to complement infoBoard.
infoWAMS (Work Management Solution) is for the supervisory and management level users providing a tabular views and reports of the production schedule. The comprehensive query is coupled with a data filtering matrix to quickly highlight various information in the production schedule. This places the production pulse in the hands of the decision makers immediately.

"The easiest way to optimize processes encompassing operators and machineries utilization and appreciate the production situation"
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