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Require SMS traffic and good support services?

Qmani have developed an advanced messaging platform, gatewayQ, that will deliver great business benefits. It can be used immediately, without major changes to your interfaces.

Anywhere, Anyone, Anytime, Always get connected with smsQ.

Key Qmani Features for Wholesale

  • Interfaces to enable SMS outgoing and incoming messaging for your solutions.
  • Proven Qmani smsQ messaging platform.
  • Local support and a team that provides you with service, expertise and advice.

Product Features

Web, ftp, email, http and SMPP Interfaces

Qmani provides easy to use interfaces, namely: a feature rich web-based interface in an easy to use user screen, email to sms interface, SMS Reply to email and/or mobile phone, and an on-line http interface for quick on-line deployment and high messaging volumes. An SMPP interface is available for higher traffic volumes. These interfaces provide both outgoing and incoming SMS processing.


100% Coverage Qmani SMS Messaging Services can be sent to all Australian mobile phone users irrespective of which carrier they belong. We provide the same quality and coverage to all networks at the one competitive price.

Support & Service
Our clients enjoy good support backed by expertise and skillsets in the SMS messaging area. Our platform is proven and scalable making it easy for deloyment.

We listen and resolve your issues.

High Volume Our platform has been designed and used in high volume environments. In one international deployment, the larger platform has processed in excess of 1.2 million messages in a day.

How to get started?

Please contact us for more information on our services.
Call us directly on 1300 663 038 to talk to our sales consultants on your specific requirements.