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smsQ Product Features:

Web, ftp, email, http and SMPP Interfaces:

Qmani smsQ provides easy-to-use interfaces, namely, a feature rich web-based, multi-user interface in an easy-to-use user screen, email-to-sms interface, SMS Reply to email and/or mobile phone, and an on-line http interface for quick deployment and high messaging volumes. An SMPP interface is available for higher traffic volumes.

100% Coverage:

Qmani SMS Messaging Services provides Business SMS and this can be sent to all Australian mobile phone users irrespective of which mobile carrier they belong. We provide the same quality and coverage to all networks at the one price.

High Volume:

Our platform has been designed and proven in mission critical high volume environments.

Weekly Reporting and Billing Data Feed:

Optional email weekly reporting on your SMS messaging traffic. For larger environments, an optional monthly data feed is provided so that you can provide cost centre allocation information.

Create Messages and Schedule:

Easy-to-use in sending one or thousands of messages. SMS can be easily customized using the Template SMS feature with Excel spreadsheets, if required. You can prepare now and schedule when the SMS are sent.

Inbox/Replies Processing:

Powerful features to extract, auto-process incoming SMS messages to meet your promotions, campaign or business rules requirements. User option allows forwarding to Email and/or SMS to your mobile phone when SMS Replies are received in your smsQ Inbox.

Managed Delivery and Volume of Messages:

Optional service to manage your messages for transmission and distributed according to your specification. You tell us when and to whom and we will do the rest. Qmani will provide end-to-end services, if required, to address your business needs.

Independent of Location and Availability:

Recipients of the Australian mobile numbers may be anywhere in Australia or overseas provided there is network coverage. The Qmani Messaging Service has the full Australian mobile network coverage with good quality delivery. If the handset is switched off, or out of range, retries for the message will be made for up to 7 days.

Cost Effective/Savings:

Qmani competitive Business SMS message rates and ease of implementation enables your product to be delivered to your customers at a lower cost.

Customized Development:

Qmani provides custom development to cater for specific requirements of solution providers, if required. Qmani operates, owns, and develops our solutions and platforms thus enabling us to customize to your business requirements quickly and in a cost-effective delivery.


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