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Personal & Home Office

Use Qmani powerful smsQ tool for sending SMS messages from your PC to one or many mobile phones! With high mobile phone ownership, you can instantly send and receive SMS messages, not only from your mobile phone but from your PC. Using the web-based smsQ tool, you can send SMS effortlessly, no more messing around on your small mobile phone keypad! And more so, you get your SMS Reply delivered to your Inbox and also to your email, if required. Use smsQ for a variety of your personal messages, e.g. reminders, organize party, request RSVP and 'get the milk!'.

Running a Home Office? Add another tool via smsQ to help you save time and money. smsQ has many features that can help you and your staff manage your activities:

  • Contact staff and customers
  • Confirm bookings or attendance
  • Send quick reminders for overdue items, functions, advice of receipt and promotions
  • Inform customers of delivery or completion

Think how much time you save instead of playing telephone tag and leaving voicemails. And you save on the high costs of calls to mobiles.

How to get started?
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