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The Parkcontrol solution

Qmani, provider of Parking Management and Fault Administration System (PMFAS) which is in operation with councils in Australia, has teamed up with SICE (, one of Spain's leading global transportation infrastructure companies to offer Australian councils a wider range of solutions in the parking management area. Parkcontrol has been designed by SICE in Spain in conjunction with FAMM, (the Madrid Regional Association for the Handicapped) and several successful pilot projects with Councils in Spain have been completed prior to the launch of the Parkcontrol solution.

This solution can be provided either as a stand alone tool or integrated with Qmani's PMFAS system so as to ensure real-time access by Council's legal, technical, call centre and administration personnel. A full suite of proven security measures is included in this package which can be interfaced with Councils' own IT system.


The solution is designed to achieve:

  • Integrated control of allocated space, e.g. disabled, loading zone and reserved parking bays
  • SMS alerts to parking wardens, call centre, technicians (if appropriate with parking machines)
  • A real time robust, front and back-end system
  • A cost effective solution with low maintenance costs
  • Adaptable to multiple parking configurations, on and off street
  • Parking space availability to mobiles, iPhones, Android or smartphones of drivers
  • Early detection of vehicles; where an invalid detection signals an intruder alarm