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Qmani Related Links:
Qmani Analytics
Founded by the principals of Qmani. Qmani Analytics provide unique social network anlaysis soutions to the Mobile Network Operators.
Smarter 1300
Qmani provides the solution and services to Smarter 1300 to enable sending SMS to 1300 and 1800 telephone numbers.
An initiative by Qmani for the restaurant and hospitality industry
An initiative by Qmani for creating awareness of social issues. Designed for the charity or not-for-profit organizations.
Office products and services company with focus on toners, inkjets, IT Support and maintenance, hosting and server co-location, and IP PBX solutions.
An initiative of Bizibody Pty Ltd, Singapore, using the Qmani solutions.
Regulatory Links:
Mobile Premium Services (MPS) Code of Practice
(See C637)
WMC Global
(Provider of In-market monitoring for Telstra & Optus)
Other Links:
City Romp
A fun and interesting charity event run by the Burnet Institute using the Qmani eventQ and games engine.
Rotary Ramble
A unique Western Australia charity event run by Rotary using the Qmani website development, eventQ and games engine.
Track Dack Day
A charity event by TLC for kids using the Qmani AutoReply Premium SMS solution