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Use Qmani powerful smsQ tool for sending SMS messages from your PC to one or many mobile phones! Instantly send and receive SMS messages, not only from your mobile phone but from your PC. Using the web-based smsQ tool, you can send SMS effortlessly, no more messing around on your small mobile phone keypad! And more so, you get your SMS Reply delivered to your Inbox and also to your email, if required.

Why do you use SMS for your business?

  1. Great Savings - reduce total telephone charges.
  2. Increase staff productivity, saves time and gets the message across, fast.
  3. enhance customer service by notifying or advising clients directly, conveniently and in a non-intrusive manner.
  4. Full-featured, easy-to-use office productivity tool that is available at no sign-up or cancellation charges.
  5. easy access via Internet browser, no installation required. No deployment time and lowers total cost of ownership.

What do you use it for?

  1. Notify clients.
  2. Confirm appointments or attendance.
  3. Quick reminders for overdue, functions, appointments and advice of receipt.
  4. Inform clients of delivery or completion.

How to get started?

Call us directly on 1300 663 038 to talk to our sales consultants on your specific requirements.