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PMFAS (Parking Management & Fault Admin System)

[component of the Qmani Asset Management and Fault Admin System]

Qmani provides the Parking Management and Fault Administration System (PMFAS) which is in operation with councils in Australia.

The Qmani PMFAS provides a unique and custom solution to councils in managing the parking machines/meters, fault reporting by motorists, and technician workflows.

The solution is designed to achieve:

  • Integrated parking machine/meter management and fault reporting workflows
  • Automated interfaces to council's business systems, e.g. engineering, customer service and enforcement
  • SMS alerts to technicians and key personnel
  • A real-time robust, front and back-end system
  • A cost effective solution with low maintenance costs

The system has been proven in City Councils, used mainly for parking meter management. However, the system is designed for all assets, e.g. Park, bridge, lamp-post, etc. For more information see AMFAS.


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